From Polar Research to Classroom: Polar Scientists and Teachers Discussing the Importance of the Topic

Portugal 3 2016Teachers and scientists met to discuss the changes that have been observed in the Polar Regions, the relevance of scientific research carried out in these regions and the importance of science education on the subject in question.

The 2nd Portuguese “Workshop Education & Science: Polar Research to the Classroom" organized by Polar Educators International Portugal (PEI Portugal) and the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon took place on March 5 at the University of Lisbon. The workshop had 27 participants from across the country. In addition to lectures on the polar science today, where climate change and global warming and its impact on the Arctic region was one of the most debated topics, the work developed by the Portuguese committees of Polar Educators International organizations (PEI) and Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) was presented, along with the projects being developed in cooperation with the European IRRESISTIBLE Project. Teacher developed activities were also shared. The day ended with a brainstorming session, focused on the future of polar education and outreach in Portugal.

The importance of developing initiatives that promote society engagement in polar science, especially the educational community, and the need to take action to contribute to the mitigation of global consequences was the main messages obtained on this day of debate. In this sense the next goals to achieve were defined as:

  • Promote a greater collaboration of teachers in the development of educational activities;
  • Create a forum on the PEI website, in Portuguese, for the sharing of materials, activities, issues, current news… and promote future collaborations between Portuguese-speaking countries;
  • Provide more educational materials for teachers and educators and wider dissemination of existing ones.