PEI Council 2021-22

The Council represents PEI members who step forward to volunteer their time and talents in a leadership role for a limited period of time. Council members are active leaders representing PEI in many ways, such as at international conferences and meetings, and are recognized as experts by senior leaders in many fields. Read More

Anubha Aggarwal - India

Anubha earned a PhD in glacier science from TERI, New Delhi. She is presently doing her own project funded Read More

Gisele M. Arruda - UK

Gisele M. Arruda is a professor in Circumpolar Studies (Energy, Arctic, Climate Change, Environment and Society). Read More

Inga Beck - Germany

Inga studied physical Geography at the University of Munich and did her PhD about permafrost in Northern Quebec, Canada. Read More

Regina Brinker - USA

Regina believes that climate change is the most important issue facing societies today. Read More

Viviane de Camargo Valadares de Mello - Brazil

Viviane is a Biologist from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) and a Science teacher Read More


Maria Pia Casarini - Italy

Maria has two degrees from Milan Cattolica University (Modern Languages and Italian Letters); M.Phil. in Polar Studies, Cambridge University, UK. Read More

Matteo Cattadori - Italy

Matteo started to work in the polar education field in 2005. After that he made and followed several projects and activities in polar EPO (Education and Public Outreach) Read More

Julia Dooley - USA

Julia’s polar experience began as an ARISE Educator with ANDRILL in 2007 on the Southern McMurdo Sound project and on the Mackay Sea Valley Seismic Survey Team. Read More

ellison image

Susy Ellison - USA

Susy Ellison has been teaching about our planet, in one form or another, for over 30 years as both classroom teacher and environmental educator. Read More

Shelly Elverum - Canada

Shelly Elverum (she/her) is engaging Inuit youth to reclaim their roles as the Arctic’s first scientists, capable of managing resources, determining their cultural and economic futures, and adapting to rapid climate and cultural change in the North. Read More

Anne Farley Schoeffler - USA

Dr. Anne Farley Schoeffler teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade science near Cleveland, Ohio, USA and has been doing so for 18 years. Read More

Agata Goździk - Poland

Dr Agata Goździk is the coordinator of EDU-ARCTIC, ERIS, ODYSSEY and BRITEC educational projects. She works in the Science Communication and Education Unit in the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences. Read More

Hugo Guímaro - Portugal

Hugo is an early career marine biologist based at the Marine and Environmental Science Centre (MARE) of the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Read More

Kolbrún Hjaltadóttir - Iceland

Kolbrún Svala Hjaltadóttir is a teacher with a master's degree in open education with an emphasis on computer and information technology. Read More

Christian Alan Houghton - Argentina

Christian is a Professor in Biological Sciences and haa a degree in Biology with a thesis about ecotoxicology and oxidative stress. Read More

Joanna Hubbard - USA

Joanna Hubbard is a middle school science teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, USA; she has taught both 7th and 8th grades at three different middle schools Read More

Louise Huffman - USA

Louise is currently Director of Education and Outreach for the US Ice Drilling Program at Dartmouth College, but works remotely much of the time from home in Florida. Read More


Rainer Lehmann - Germany

During his studies at the Universities of Heidelberg (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland) Rainer investigated glacial and periglacial geomorphology Read More

Katie Lodes - USA

Katie has been a classroom high school science teacher for over 30 years. Currently, she teaches at St. Joseph’s Academy: an all-girls, Catholic high school in the midwestern US. (St. Louis, Missouri) Read More

Osmarina Marques De Paiva - Brazil

Osmarina is a teacher working with classes of the 5th Year of Elementary School I in São Bernardo do Campo.Read More

Tim Martin - USA

Currently Tim lives in central North Carolina USA, regardless of where I've lived, he’s always felt most at home out in the natural world. Read More

 David Martinez - USA

David recently completed his Masters in Biodiversity, Evolution, & Conservation and previously worked as the Community Outreach Supervisor Read More

Surdu Mihai-Ioan - Bucharest

Surdu Mihai is a graduate of the SNSPA Faculty of Political Science, sociology department, and currently is a master student at Security and Diplomacy. He is living now in Bucharest, but is from from Sibiu. Read More

Neelu Singh -India

Ms. Neelu Singh has more than 7 years of working experience in the field of environmental chemistry. Read More


Valeria Tacca - Italy

Valeria comes from Italy and is a math-science teacher in a Middle school. She loves polar regions and is interested in Climate Change. She likes traveling and taking photographs and learning about our wonderful planet.

Erin Towns - USA

Erin Towns is a 22 year veteran social studies teacher at Edward Little High School in Maine, USA.  She is a 2020 PolarTREC Educator, National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Read More

Kyle Tredinnick - USA

Kyle Tredinnick is an adjunct instructor for the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the Department of Geography and Geology and a high school social studies teacher for Omaha Public Schools. Read More

Betty Trummel - USA

Betty spent 35 years teaching elementary school, with her last 27 years teaching fourth grade in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Betty earned her M.S. in science/outdoor education Read More

Ekaterina Uryupova

 Ekaterina Uryupova is a Visiting Fellow at the Arctic Institute. Ekaterina has received her PhD in Environmental Sciences from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. Read More

Ramcharan Vijayaraghavan- India

Ram has been in the field of education for the last 16 years leading content development, teaching and training as well as Read More

Sophie Weeks - UK

Sophie Weeks is a science communicator based in Cambridge, UK. Having originally trained in both science and art she enjoyed a 20-year career in Museum and Gallery Education working for the British Library. Read More

Betsy Wilkening - USA

Betsy is an education coordinator for Arizona Project WET at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She works with teachers to build community resilience Read More

Alona Yefimenko

Coming from the Even/Chukchi reindeer herding family in Ayanka, Kamchatka, Russia, Alona received her Master's Degree in Philology from the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia and the Far Eastern State University. Read More