What's in the Polar Resource Book?

Polar Science and Global Climate: An International Resource for Education and Outreach (2010) comprises background information on recent polar research and the history of The International Polar Year (IPY).

It provides a selection of teaching resources on six polar themes (atmosphere, ice, ocean, land, people and space) and showcases large- and small-scale education and outreach projects successfully carried out during the IPY.

It addresses climate change related issues from the perspective of the indigenous population in the Arctic.

The project has received support from a wide range of actors who were an important part of the IPY community, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the International Science Council (ICSU), as well as the Canadian IPY Secretariat and IPY Program, the National Academies of the United States, the United National Environment Program (UNEP) and the organising committee for the flagship IPY Oslo Science Conference (OSC), and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS).


Prelude: The Past and Present of Polar Science

The Prelude gives the reader an introduction to polar science and the history of the International Polar Year. It provides important background on six polar research themes: Atmosphere, Ice, Ocean, Land, People and Space.
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Chapter 1: Education: Teaching Polar Science in the Classroom

Chapter 1 contains teaching resources for use in the classroom, lab or during a field trip. An icon indicates whether it is a lab, field or classroom activity. Resources are grouped under the book’s six polar themes. Read More

Chapter 2: Tips and Tricks for Science Presentations

Chapter 2 lists “do’s and dont's” of successful public engagement for polar scientists. This unit helps readers to understand how presentations should be planned and structured when going into a classroom or a community. Read More

Chapter 3: Outreach: Inspiring Ideas and Initiatives from around the World

Chapter 3 provides the reader with an overview of successful education and outreach initiatives in polar science during IPY. Read More

Chapter 4: IPY and Local Competence Building in the North

Chapter 4 discusses the role of IPY and the impact of climate change on indigenous communities in the circumpolar north. Read More