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Polar Educators International 5th Global Conference - PEI 2021: Hofn, Iceland, is postponed to Spring 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Read PEI Iceland postponement announcement .

Meanwhile we plan to provide online learning opportunities to prepare for a visit to Iceland in 2022. If you are interested in assisting in these opportunities contact

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Very cool!
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Australian Antarctic Program Partnership @Ant_Partnership
Today we reach a big milestone, with our very first research voyage outbound for the Southern Ocean! Armed with a new fleet of bio-optical robots, our goal is to learn about how marine life acts as a 'handbrake' on global warming. #SOLACE2020 @IMASUTAS

Thankyou @ArcticNet fro all of us polar educators for a fantastic #AC2020 experience!

Thank you to #ASM3 organisers and ASM3 webinar series and Arctic People's panellists for a fascinating snapshot view of Arctic issues and Arctic Science @polareducators @_Arctic_Circle polareducators photo

ASM3 Webinar - Arctic Nations panellists speak about the importance of involving youth in Arctic Science and Arctic Science Ministerial process #ASM3 @polareducators

Interesting to hear about the collaborative roll of The Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation - a public council uniting to protect and support the health of peoples and their environment in the Russian Arctic from impacts such as the Norilsk disaster

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Polar Educators International
Polar Educators International
Here is a new perspective on using ice core data to understand climatic conditions in the southwestern desert of the United States.
Polar Educators International
Polar Educators International
Team will study effects on environment of A-68A, which is heading for South Georgia

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