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PEI is proud to announce its new Strategic Plan for 2020-2025. Check out the About Us page to see our new Mission and Vision  and view the full document.

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Great story about penguins on a field trip. Bonus question - Can you name the 2 people who worked at Kansas City Zoo when they first introduced the penguins, (1 current PEI Ex-Comm member, and 1 past PEI president)?

Polar Educators please help us review the Polar Resource Book! To find out more and get involved fill out this brief form by May 7th

PEI Council Applications open through 25th of April. Learn more. polareducators photo

Great opportunity for us all to watch this wonderful film!
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Arctic Eider Society @ArcticEider
We are happy to let you know for a limited time, our 16x award winning film "People of a Feather" is available to stream or download for free, plus the supporting Educational Package, special features and behind the scenes. Please share widely --->

Check out the latest PEI member blog post from Kolbrún Hjaltadóttir on using the book 'Sophie Scott Goes South' by Alison Lester​ with students in her classroom!

Check out this awesome video with explanation about sounds made when you drop ice down a borehole in Antarctica. Thanks @peter_neff polareducators photo

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Polar Educators International
Polar Educators International
As part of our poster series, we’re applauding the women in Antarctic history who paved the way for the female explorers and scientists of today. Throughout August, we’ll be sharing snippets from our brand-new Women in Antarctica poster as part of our celebration of 200 years since Antarctica was first sighted in 1820.

#weareiaato #responsibletravel #peaceandscience #loveantarctica #iaato #antarcticaambassadors Antarctic Ambassadors
Polar Educators International
Polar Educators International
Capturing beautifully both the vast nature of the Antarctic continent and the wildlife that call it home. ©Stephen Gollan

#loveantarctica #peaceandscience #antarcticambassadors #weareiaato #responsibletravel Antarctic Ambassadors
Polar Educators International
Polar Educators International
Since Western explorers discovered Antarctica 200 years ago, human activity has been increasing. Now, more than 30 countries operate scientific stations in Antarctica, more than 50,000 tourists visit each year, and new infrastructure continues to be developed to meet this rising demand.
Polar Educators International
Polar Educators International
by Parker Forman, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab Transcript of radio chatter from the penguin scientists at Camp Crozier 13:15 hrs on November 15th 2019: Markus: Gitte and Parker ……. This …

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