Connecting polar research to people around the planet

Since the Polar Educators International network formed during International Polar Year 2012, we have been supporting educators’ professional development and sharing polar education learning resources across our community, raising awareness of environmental issues and the importance of our polar regions in both formal and informal settings around the world. 

Capturing the energy and enthusiasm about collaborating on polar education and outreach during the International Polar Year, the learning activities Polar Science and Global Climate: An International Resource for Education and Outreach were co-developed by an international group of educators, polar scientists and community members for a wide audience back in 2010. Read More



Polar Education Resources

Debris washed up in Nunavut, Canada
Arctic - Oceans - How did my water bottle end up in the Arctic?
Polar Resource Book Project

Polar Research Theme: Ocean

Key Words: Arctic, ocean circulation, microplastics, plastics, pollution, riparian

Description: This group activity is inspired by an Arctic researcher who studies the distribution and toxicity of marine plastics, now found in oceans around the world. It connects sources of local littering to widespread plastic pollution carried to the Arctic Read More

Type: field trip, group activity formal, group activity informal

Duration: Preparation time – around 30 minutes + visit to site. Activity time – 1 day

Suitable For: youth ages 10+, community groups

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Observing Icelandic Moss
Guided bus and field activities
PEI Resource

Polar Research Theme: Ice, land, people

Key Words: geology, weather, journal, storytelling, drawing, history

Description: These bus activities developed for participants in the PEI Iceland Workshop can be used in two ways.

  • Adapt activities for any field trip or outside activity
  • Teach others about Iceland

Type: field trip, group activity formal, group activity informal

Duration: Variable

Suitable For: youth ages 8+, community groups

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Icelandic Glacier
Why is a frozen world necessary?
PEI Resource

Polar Research Theme: Ice

Key Words: communication, storytelling, ice cores, drilling, glaciers, education, Antarctica, Third-pole

Description: How do scientists study the rapidly changing cryosphere and educate others? Learn more from presentations by 4 researchers:

  • How our frozen world connect us all: Peter Neff

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Type: Video

Duration: 80 minutes

Suitable For: youth ages15+, adults

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