Natural and Anthropogenic

Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Impacts- Evidence from Ice Cores

29 October - 14 November, 2014

Archived Webinar


This course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the influence of the Arctic on global climate and the impact that natural and human produced tiny particles, such as sulfur and carbon soot, can have on future climate. Dr. Joe McConnell will offer suggestions for identifying and reducing the scientific jargon in presentations, leading to communication of climate change concepts to the public in a clear form that can be easily understood. Ms. Linda Morris will demonstrate a hands-on ice- core focused classroom activity utilizing Dr. McConnell's data and will demonstrate how this activity can enhance your students' ability to decode scientific vocabulary.


Researcher: Dr. Joseph McConnell

Dr. Joseph McConnell studies climate and environmental history to understand natural and human-caused changes in the Earth system. He holds degrees from Yale, Stanford, and the University of Arizona. In his work, Dr. McConnell uses polar ice cores as recorders of past climate and environmental change, and focuses on the relationship between aerosols and climate change. His research group has developed and applied methods for making very precise, high-depth-resolution chemical measurements in ice cores. Read More


Educator: Linda Morris

Linda Morris is committed to turning kids on to science....a goal she has pursued through a variety of "extreme" career roles, from donning a flight suit to investigating the poles! In her current position as Director of Education & Public Outreach for the NSF-funded Ice Drilling Program Office, she is responsible for the outreach needs of the scientists, drillers and national projects currently conducting paleo-climate research through ice cores. Read More