About Us

Polar Educators International (PEI)

Education and Outreach was an integral and valuable component of the 4th Fourth International Polar Year (IPY).  PEI formed in 2012 as a legacy of the IPY, embodying the Montreal conference theme of  Knowledge to Action. Since then, PEI has grown into a vibrant volunteer-led global network of educators and researchers.

By connecting educators and researchers

  • Educators have access to the latest polar science to bring into their classrooms and communities
  • Researchers acquire tools and expertise to help communicate about their work in a range of different settings

What We Do


Develop a robust, flexible and trusted international presence.


Grow and strengthen PEI network and its relationships.


Provide relevant and timely opportunities for both education and scientific communities.

Between July 2020 and December 2022, our members harnessed the power of education to bring polar science to life for more than 11,300 adults and 4,500 young people at 45 different events around the globe!

Why our work is so vital

Earth’s polar regions are remote, beautiful and challenging places – and they have a profound influence on  the climate and ecosystems of our world. Research shows dramatic change in the Antarctic and particularly in the Arctic – home to over 4 million people – which is changing faster than anywhere else on earth.

It is clear the urgency to engage the next generation in polar research and to rise to the challenge that a changing climate will bring has never been greater.

Help bring polar research to life by visiting our resource pages.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values underpin all of our work.

Meet our Council

Our dedicated Council Members from across the globe are experts in their field that drive the work of PEI.


Meet our Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee guides the organization and helps set the priorities.