ExComm 2023

Executive Committee

The PEI Executive Committee is responsible for guiding the organisation and helping to set priorities while working closely with partners to help our members. The Executive Committee under advisement of a Council, manages the affairs of PEI. The role of the Executive Committee is to ensure that the mission and goals of PEI are pursued in a responsible, accountable, and transparent manner.

You can contact the executive committee at [email protected]

Current PEI Executive Committee

Sophie Weeks (UK) - President


Sophie’s passion for the polar regions, environmental sustainability and working with researchers stems from her time as Education and Outreach at The Polar Museum and IPY2007-08, in particular IPY2012-Montreal ‘From Knowledge to Action’, when she co-founded Polar Educators International. 

 She is an experienced museum and gallery learning programmes developer and project manager, Read More

Maria Pia Casarini (Italy) - Vice President

Maria Pia Casarini, PEI Past President 2022-2023, Coordinator of the Polar Resource Book project, has two degrees from Milan Cattolica University (Modern Languages and Italian Letters); M.Phil. in Polar Studies, Cambridge University, UK. Carried on research in Polar History at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge and has done 10 polar field trips Read More


Inga Beck (Germany) - Vice President


Inga studied physical Geography at the University of Munich and did her PhD about permafrost in Northern Quebec, Canada. Afterwards she was employed by the Alfred-Wegener Institute for polar and marine research as executive director for the international permafrost association. In the following she was involved in different Post-Doc projects with studies in the Arctic regions. Read More

Susy Ellison (USA) - Vice President

Susy has been teaching about our planet, in one form or another, for over 30 years as both a classroom teacher and environmental educator. Her teaching career has focused on infusing environmental literacy throughout her curriculum to create students of all ages who understand and take responsibility for their impacts on the planet and feel empowered to become agents of positive environmental change. Read More