Slip Sliding Away

Slip Sliding Away: Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise

8 May 2014

Archived Webinar


Dr. Alley, Ms. Herrmann and PEI members around the world will be discussing the science and communication behind ice sheets and sea level rise. Participants of all interest and knowledge levels are welcome to participate in the webinar and online discussion to gain valuable tools for sharing polar science with your audience.

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Researcher: Dr. Richard Alley

Dr. Richard Alley is an Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences in Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. His research interests focus on glaciology, sea level change and abrupt climate change, and he frequently discusses earth sciences on major media outlets, including NPR, BBC and PBS. He is widely credited with showing that the earth has experienced abrupt climate change in the past—and likely will again, based on his meticulous study of ice cores from Greenland and West Antarctica. Read More

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Educator: Nell Hermann

Nell Herrmann is a science educator with fourteen years of experience. She is currently teaching middle school science in Blue Hill, Maine and has taught middle school and high school in central Pennsylvania. Nell has worked as an onboard naturalist at two nonprofit organizations: the Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) and Heart of the Storm. Read More