Our Approach

Our Mission

Connecting polar education, research, and the global community.

By leading dialogue and collaboration between educators, and researchers, PEI aims to highlight and share the global relevance of the polar regions. Join PEI to be a part of this vibrant global network!

Our Vision

Polar Educators International is an essential network of educators and researchers aiming to provide a deeper understanding of current polar sciences to a global audience.

PEI represents all who work to inspire appreciation and build knowledge of the polar regions, their connectedness to all Earth’s systems, and their importance to all humans across latitudes and cultures. A PEI member is anyone who is interested in making the poles accessible, promoting understanding and stewardship of the polar regions, and seeking to grow polar literacy by communicating polar science to the world.


  • COMMUNICATE: Develop a robust, flexible, and trusted international presence
  • COLLABORATE: Grow and strengthen the PEI network and its relationships
  • CREATE: Provide relevant and timely opportunities for both education and scientific communities

Polar Educators International's core strengths of communication, collaboration, & creation are how we connect the qualities of scientific and educational organizations, defining our unique position which allows us to provide a deeper understanding of current polar sciences to a global audience.

Core Values

  • CREDIBLE: Experience and knowledge build a robust scientific foundation which can be trusted by our audiences and partners
  • WELCOMING: Diverse backgrounds and perspectives encouraging an accessible and empowered community agreeing to grow together
  • PASSIONATE: A shared belief in the power of education motivates our drive to communicate the importance of the polar regions
  • DEDICATED: Commitment to effective advocacy drives our efforts and resources for polar knowledge and action

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was drafted by a working group in late 2019 and was later approved by the Council and Executive Committee. The Plan outlines PEI's short and long-term (5-year) goals but is an ever-evolving document reflecting the goals. It is intended to grow and change along with the organization. The plan is available here: PEI Strategic Plan 2020-2025