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Iceland 2022 - Stories in Ice

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Wednesday 13th April 2022

Nýheimar Knowledge Centre, Höfn


Welcome and Iceland's Glaciers

  • Welcome - Oddur Sigurðsson (PEI-IS), Betsy Wilkening (President PEI), Geoff Greene (SOI)
  • Connect Learn Act - engaging with the poles through science, creativity and culture - Sophie Weeks & Betsy Wilkening
  • Icelandic Glaciers - a farewell - Oddur Sigurdsson
  • Icelandic glacier changes: Tracing variation of glaciers through this past century - Snævarr Guðmundsson
  • Students measuring the Icelandic Glacier front - Hjördís Skírnisdóttir

Keynotes - Stories in Ice

  • How our frozen world connect us all - Peter Neff
  • Vast & Fast - The International Thwaites Glacier Project - Knut Christianson
  • COLDEX–Search for the Oldest Ice Exploration - Ed Brook
  • Highest Ice - The 3rd Pole - Inga Beck


Keynotes - Our Cryosphere

  • The Methane Pledge - Peter Wadhams
  • Microplastics in Iceland - Ásta Margrét Ásmundsdóttir
  • Mercury as a contaminant in marine mammals - Enooyaq Sudlovenick
  • Sustainable Energy- ON - Orka náttúrunnar (ON Power) IS Geothermal Power Plant - Angeliki Kapatza

Snap Talks

  • Betsy Wilkening
  • Klemens Weisleitner
  • Anne Schoeffler
  • Betty Trummel
  • Gisele Arruda and Sophie Weeks
  • Agata Goździk

Thursday, 14th April

Nýheimar Knowledge Centre, Höfn


Science, Indigenous Knowledge & the North: A Human Story

  • Co-constructing Knowledge about Climate Change with Indigenous Societies in Siberia - Dr. Alexandra Lavrillier, Semen Gabyshev
  • Students from the International Arctic School - Maria Rufova & Antonina Ivanova

Working with the original Arctic scientists - It's about the way you get the answers… - Shelly Elverum & Justin Milton


Arctic Indigenous Knowledge, Priorities & Technology

  • Indigenous knowledge and science for ice travel safety in northern communities - The SmartICE approach Trevor Bell and and Gillian Davidge
  • Connecting Arctic Research, Global Education and Youth agendas - Indigenous Priorities Justin Milton (IKAARVIK)
  • Clothing as an expression of technology - a ‘way in’ to Arctic Education Alona Yefimenko

Shared Resources from Conference Participants