Polar Fun Run

PEI Polar Fun Run


Unite to create PEI’s path from Cambridge, U.K. (site of PEI 2019) to Höfn, Iceland (site of PEI 2022).

When: 17.05.21 – 17.06.21


  • Dedicate a time to run, walk, hike, ski, swim or paddle.
  • Report your location and mileage below.

Share: a photo on social media.

  • Tag @polareducators, use #polarfun
  • Include a fun fact as to how your location connects to the polar regions.


  • Have fun!
  • Participate in an international event.
  • Get in touch with polar educators around the world.
  • Raise awareness for environmental education
  • Shorten the time until our next workshop.

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