Master Class

Master Class Description

The purpose of these online professional development classes is to provide you with resources and tools to increase your knowledge and skills as a science communicator. This class addresses science and outreach content in context of the Polar Regions, and connects you to the PEI network of researchers and teachers.

Instructional Methods

Online Class Forum: This class will utilize web-based delivery. All students will receive a notification to join online platform and any user specific access information. Instruction and interaction forums will be established on the class webpage.

Webinars: There will be one webinar (web seminar) using the online platform, Go-To-Webinar. Information will be sent to participants regarding this system. This class series includes webinars with expert scientists and experienced educators, online discussion, and evaluation.

Evaluation: As part of the course development, a participant evaluation will measure educators’ pre and post course knowledge of the science topic.

Attendance policy

This is a web-based course built for your personal professional growth. To get the most from the class, participants should participate in webinars and discussions. If participation is not possible, archives will be accessible so that participants can watch/listen on their own time.