Do you want to make an impact in polar science education and communication? 

Get active in Polar Educators International and the PEI leadership. 

Apply to be a part of the PEI Council. The one-year Council term begins 4 June 2022 and we encourage YOU to consider applying for it — help us shape our organization and the future of polar science education! 

Our Mission

By connecting polar education, research, and the global community by leading dialogue and collaboration between educators, and researchers, PEI aims to highlight and share the global relevance of the polar regions.  

Our Vision

Polar Educators International is an essential network of educators and researchers aiming to provide a deeper understanding of current polar sciences to a global audience.

PEI Strategic Plan 2020-2025

  • COMMUNICATE to develop a robust, flexible, and trusted international presence
  • COLLABORATE to grow and strengthen the PEI network and its relationships
  • CREATE to provide relevant and timely opportunities for both education and scientific communities

PEI Council members commit to and benefit from monthly interaction with fellow polar educators and researchers from around the world. 

Participate in PEI’s key tasks for 2022-2023 
  • National Chapters – national leadership for polar education networks
  • The New Polar Resource Book – polar researchers and educators co-developing education & outreach resources
  • The Global Conversation – connecting  polar education, Arctic issues, and Arctic research
  • PEI Communications Strategy – growing and strengthening our professional network
Take a leadership role in 
  1. JEDI Working Group – PEI promoting Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion
  2. Representing PEI Working Group–  PEI presence at National/International Science and Education Meetings/Events
  3. Polar Literacy and Environmental Stewardship Working Group – Challenge our members to become leaders
  4. Membership Working Group – Widen and add value for our membership
  5. Digital Media Working Group – Contribute to PEI Social Media & Website

To find out more about what the PEI Council does, see the FAQ at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about what it means to be a member of the PEI Council, the application process, etc., please email [email protected].

Application deadline is 22 May 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

PEI Council members, elected annually:

  • Commit to volunteer their time and talents in a leadership role
  • Help to make decisions about PEI’s international role, shape its goals, and set objectives to fulfill the overall purpose of PEI
  • Help to run PEI, set out and achieve annual priorities (according to the Strategic Plan) by leading initiatives and participating in working groups

Along with the Executive Committee, PEI Council members as active leaders in their fields, will:

  • Help to organize activities for polar educators around the world, in order to build PEI’s international presence and reputation
  • Maintain PEI’s connections with other organizations and seek new relationships
  • Help to keep PEI members updated on new trends in polar research and/or education
  • Represent PEI at conferences and meetings

All PEI members can become council members if they are interested in being actively involved in the organization. There are both Organizational and Individual members who follow the same procedure for approval to take a Council position. We encourage partner organizations to forward applicants for the Council.

PEI Council members commit to attending monthly online council meetings. Please read the PEI Council Charter completely to understand what is expected of Council members.

Applicants should fill out and submit the application form. The Executive Committee will coordinate voting. After voting, leadership will contact all applicants with the result of the selection. If the applicant is unsuccessful, the communication will suggest other involvement options. If the application is successful, the communication will contain up-to-date documents, communication and news forums, and all contact information necessary for the new Council member. The term of service on the Council begins on 1 June or the date of notification, whichever is later. The new member will be added to the Council email list, and introduced to membership using the information provided in the application. The Council Member’s interests and current projects will be made available on the PEI website.

Any actively participating member of Council may run for a position on the Executive Committee AFTER they have served on the Council for a term of at least one year in an active role.

  • May 5th 2022: Call for applications
  • May 22nd 2022: Applications due
  • May 29th 2022: Applicants notified of results and schedule orientation
  • June 4th 2022: PEI Council begins term with election of the Executive CommitteeJune 18th 2022: Council and Executive Committee Virtual Orientation