Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities

Exploring the feasibility of connecting Polar Educators, Early Career Scientists and Arctic Indigenous representatives supporting Arctic science, traditional knowledge, and education collaboration for ICARP IV

Project Description 

ICARP, like the International Polar Year (IPY) and other polar initiatives, has continually expanded its reach over time. Polar Educators International is an IPY legacy project – a network of practice connecting polar educators, researchers and communities – coming from their outreach and education efforts. Research organizations have found that the inclusion of education widens the reach of their work and deepens the impact throughout the wider communities with which they are involved. Through its network of polar educators, PEI has begun the process of connecting Arctic knowledge holders (ASM3 Global Conversation Project) to collaborate, create and communicate vital information and understanding of change in the Arctic.

This project contributes to the ICARP planning process by exploring the feasibility of bringing together a diverse group of polar education stakeholders to realise the broader education, outreach, communication and Indigenous participation aims of ICARP IV. Working collaboratively with APECS, PEI will seek participation from IASC working groups, consult its Arctic partners and the PEI network to gather ideas and define both the potential and constraints (financial, logistical, practical and technical) of bringing these communities together in Boulder, Colorado in 2025. Polar Educators International will provide its educational expertise to connect Indigenous Arctic community members with interests in education, early career researchers with interests in education and science communication, formal and informal educators with interests in the polar regions, and the ICARP research community at ASSW24.

Date and Location

  • Project Administration: May 2023 – Feb 2024
  • Consultations: June – Oct 2023
  • Workshops: 21 – 29 March 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (ASSW 2024)

IASC Working Groups funding the project

Project Lead

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The results of this survey conducted by Polar Educators International (PEI), its subsequent analysis, and outcomes, will form the core of a report to IASC(will be delivered by May 2024) exploring the feasibility and value of an integrated approach to Arctic science planning and engaging educators 'upstream' in the polar research planning process.