To overcome the distance (and time) between the last PEI workshop 2019 in Cambridge and the next one 2022 in Hofn, Iceland, we started with a first virtual stage of the ‘Polar Fun Run’ in May 2021 for one month.

People around the world could register for free and add their running, cycling, walking or whatever kilometers to our common score. This was very successful: Almost 1000 km were collected, a distance that equals half the way from Cambridge to Hofn. These kilometers were collected in six different states, from over 20 participants. Not surprising but still with mentioning: Most of the kilometers were made in the United States. American participants brought together over the half of the total amount.

In fall 2021 PEI is planning a second stage, to collect the second half of the kilometers.

This event is part of a series in 2021, initiated by PEI in exchange of the postponed workshop, planned for spring 2022. The variety of events should help to overcome the time to the new date (11th  – 15th April). All activities are listed at the PEI website and they are all free.

PEI Polar Fun Run


Unite to create PEI’s path from Cambridge, U.K. (site of PEI 2019) to Höfn, Iceland (site of PEI 2022).

When: 17.05.21 – 17.06.21


  • Dedicate a time to run, walk, hike, ski, swim or paddle.
  • Report your location and mileage below.

Share: a photo on social media.

  • Tag @polareducators, use #polarfun
  • Include a fun fact as to how your location connects to the polar regions.


  • Have fun!
  • Participate in an international event.
  • Get in touch with polar educators around the world.
  • Raise awareness for environmental education
  • Shorten the time until our next workshop.

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940 Km Covered