US National Science Foundation Seeking Input on Antarctica


The National Research Council (NRC) Committee to Advise NSF Science Priorities for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research is seeking input.

This committee is charged to articulate a vision for the US National Science Foundation’s (NSF) investments in Antarctic and Southern Ocean research building upon the broad vision of key scientific questions identified in the 2011 NRC report, “Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.” The committee’s scope spreads across topics as diverse as geology and geophysics, terrestrial and aquatic biology, glaciology and ice core studies, ocean and atmospheric sciences, astrophysics and space weather, as well as cross-cutting areas such as education, public engagement, and data management.


As input for this study, the committee would like to draw widely on the expertise and experience of people across the Antarctic and Southern Ocean science as well as the education and public outreach communities.  Participants are invited and encouraged to submit ideas in writing in the online “Virtual Town Hall”.

This NRC study presents an important opportunity to help shape the future of education and public outreach for the research in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean, and we do hope you will choose to take advantage of this opportunity.   The committee welcomes and values your ideas. The window for input is until November 1, 2014.