Three PEI specific events were held including an informative presentation, open meeting, and social event. Members were able to connect over polar science professional development opportunities. The coordination of efforts increased the visibilty of PEI in this US-based education conference. 

Date: 3-6 April 2014

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA



 Number of Participants: Total for all three events ~ 50-60

Number of countries Participating: 2 (US and Canada)

Event Summar and Outcomes: 

 Polar Educators International (PEI): A Network of Teacher Leaders in Polar Science

Professional networks of teachers and scientists catalyze the leaders and sustain their success. 
Presenter(s): Sarah Bartholow (ARCUS, Fairbanks, AK)  
FORMAT: Presentation  SUBJECT: General Science GRADE LEVEL: General

Outcomes: ~20 participants viewed presentation, made strong connections with individuals, and advertised inaugural Master Class. 

Polar Educators International Open Meeting

 This meeting was open to all—polar and non-polar.
FORMAT: Meeting

Outcomes: ~20 Participants met with other members to discuss polar science. It was a well received set up. Particpants were able to do their own ‘self-guided tour’ of polar regions information, inspiration via the photo gallery, test their knowledge with activities from the Polar Resource Book, and collect resources for classrooms and professional development.



Polar Educators International Meet-Up

An informal social event to meet members of Polar Educators International and network with like-minded polar people. It was great to see new folks coming in to learn more about PEI and meet new educators.

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