Rovereto 2017

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Tuesday 11th April

PEI Welcome Patrícia Fialho Azinhaga, Louise Huffman
Science in Diplomacy - the History of International Scientific Cooperation in the Polar Regions Volker Rachold (German Arctic Office - Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research)
25 Years From the Madrid Protocol Jose Xavier (MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre University of Coimbra)
Video of Science Sessions

Wednesday 12th April

What’s Going on Around Antarctica and Why Should We Care? - Dave Carlson (World Climate Research Program)
A Scientist and Educator Squeeze into a Tent… Jenny Baeseman (Director of SCAR)
APECS Gerlis Fugmann (APECS-International), Federico Dallo (APECS-ITALY)
Robotic Applications in Polar Regions Massimo Caccia, Angelo Odetti (CNR - ISSIA)

International Polar Education: Potential, Opportunities, Languages And Resources Sandra Zicus (Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, and the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania)
Science Session Video Day 2
Keynote Edu-lab 1 - Satellite Images for a Living Planet: an Edu-Lab on Remote Sensing Francesca Taponecco (EURAC research, Bolzano)
Keynote Edu-lab 2 -Plates and Gates: How Geological Processes Affect Biology Louise T. Huffman (Ice Drilling Program Office)
Video Plates and Gates

Thursday 13th April

Ice Core Science: Traveling Back Through Climate History to Understand the Future Louise Huffman (IDPO)
The Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area Marino Vacchi (University of Genova, Institute of Marine Science CNR)
How to Deal with Climate Change - Lessons from Antarctic Fishes Eva Pisano, Marino Vacchi (University of Genova, Institute of Marine Science - CNR)
Scientific Drilling of Polar Oceans: Opportunities for Scientists, Students and Educators Laura De Santis, Elisabetta Olivo, Giulia Massolino (OGS-National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics)
Science Session Video Day 3
Videoconference with Concordia Antarctic Station (kindly offered by Italian Antarctic Program PNRA)
Edu-lab 1 Polar Food Webs Betty Trummel Video Polar Food Web

Edu-lab 2 Discovering the Uncharacterizable World Under the Sea Using Genetic Tools Jana Domel (Aquatic Ecosystem Research, Faculty of Biology, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

Thursday 13th April Snap Talks


Irresistable - How to engage public in Polar Science, Responsible Research & Innovation (Patrícia Azinhaga)
Italian Climate Network (Federico Brocchieri)
Society of Women Geographers (Maria Pia Casarini)
Secrets of the “Frozen” World: Science and Communication of Cryosphere (Alessia Cicconi)
Scopriamo l’ Antartide - Discovering Antarctica A project of peer education, Blog (Marianna Daniele)
Antarctic or Antarctica: How to introduce the polar sciences in the primary school curriculum? (Sílvia Dotta)
Ornithogenic tundra and soil respiration (Rainer Lehmann)
Highlighting the role of communication in Polar Sciences lessons from ICECAPS Workshop 2016 (Anant Pande)
From Pole to Pole: micro-plastics in marine environment (Giulia Realdon)
How to bring the paradoxon ICE & LIFE into the classroom? (Birgit Sattler)
Impacts and Feedbacks in a Warming Arctic, The GLOBE Observer (Elena Sparrow)
The formidable mixture: Volcanoes and Glaciers (Oddur Sigurðsson)
Polar education & outreach with APECS-France (Anne-Mathilde Thierry)
Knowledge to Action - Building Community Resiliency (Betsy Wilkening)